A little bit about my story.

I’ve always been a seeker.  From a young age I was looking up at the starry night sky asking why?  And since then I’ve been nose deep learning all about what it means to be human.

AND NOW I’m juggling a rebrand and my web developer is on the outs so please disregard the untidiness and unfinished elements on this site!  It’s a work in progress.   Thank you!

In Truth,

Josie XO
Personal Freedom and Success Coach

What makes me tick?


I grew up living with over 18 people (insert gasp) and early on learned the power of compassion and the capacity for human potential.  I love people and have a real ability to genuinely hear what’s being said and what isn’t.


Bringing voice to what’s inside our hearts and building a platform for evoking transformation through inspiration thrills me and each time I step onstage to speak it feels like a dream of mine comes true!


Exploring this vast globe and sharing my zeal for travel and all things nature has been a driving force in my life and work. Creating space for deep connection with nature and oneself is what makes my retreats a blessed part of who I am.


In my experience through co-creating with organizations I’ve felt so alive knowing that progressive change globally will only be achieved when our culture creating corporations and leaders step up to the plate and take their soul leaps.

My special sauce is making powerful DISTINCTIONS around the story you "tell yourself " about your "self" so you can live with personal freedom.

"It’s been worth EVERY bead of sweat and EVERY ounce of uncertainty, each time I’ve stepped to my edge and taken my Soul Leaps!"

  • Leaping into my BIG HARRY AUDACIOUS DREAM of running Self Development, Yoga and Surfing Retreats internationally – 12 retreats within 6 years!
  • Busting the myth and my own immense fears that a 30 something women ‘should’ get married and instead listening to the call that said this isn’t right for you
  • Trusting my voice, designing the proposal and getting the job to coach a team of 13 leaders across Canada in creating an organizational coaching culture
  •  Solo traveling in my 20’s to over 17 countries – all on my own dime
  • Moving my ‘small town girl’ butt to the Big City and building a career on Bay Street
  • Pursuing my spiritual path studying in India to earn my designation of Yoga Acharya
  • Leaving my corporate career to pursue my passions and run Soul Leap full time

Timely inspiration & powerful insights on living true personal freedom.